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  1. Sivaneswara nThangavelu, ACB, CL
    • Interest: Public Speaking
    • Profession: Corporate Trainer & Professional Master of Ceremonies
    • Toastmasters experience:
      If you want to fly like an Eagle, you must be with the Eagles.

      I have been in the Toastmasters club for about 2 years. Had great interest in being a trainer as well as a Master of Ceremonies and that’s why I joined the Toastmaster’s Club. After joining the club it gave me many opportunities to learn to speak in front of a crowd and the best part was to receive instant feedback. Which I would say, one of the greatest benefits of the club. I learnt many techniques and tricks which would have cost me thousands of Ringgit elsewhere but not in a Toastmaster’s Club. It has also serves as a platform for me to learn leadership skills while taking up different roles.
      A Toastmaster’s Club is the best place to join if someone want to improve speaking skills as well as being a leader. Any club will do but I remember an advice from an old friend. He said, “If you want to fly like an Eagle, you must be with the Eagles“. And that is why I am with TTDI Toastmaster’s Club. A place where The Eagles soar the skies with unlimited opportunities!
      If you are looking to build up your confidence, leadership skills, speaking skills, or expand your network. You will want to join a diverse, dynamic, and distinguished club. Look not further as TTDI Toastmasters is the place to be!

  2. Lee Han-Sen, ACB, CL
    • Interest: Public Speaking, inspirational speaking, entrepreneurship
    • Profession: Project Coordinator / Manager
    • Toastmasters experience:
      From a shy, quiet back bench-er into a confident, champion speaker and a great leader.

      In 2014, I’ve been with toastmasters for close to 5 years. It has been nothing less that a fruitful journey filled with priceless experiences. TTDI Toastmasters has gradually transformed me from a shy, quiet back bench-er into a confident public speaker and a great leader. Toastmasters provides us the platform to practice speaking without the fear of rejection, humiliation and  embarrassment. I’ve had the honor to lead the club and serve as it’s president for the term 2013/2014, leading the club to yet another perfect 10/10 president distinguished club. In 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to represent the club in the District (Peninsular Malaysia) finals in the International Speech contest.
      In toastmasters, members are provided with a sociable community, structured education track complemented with mentoring guidance. TTDI toastmasters is one of the top clubs in the district, being able to achieve “President Distinguished Club” status, which is the highest recognition a club can obtain, every year since it was charted back in the year 2000. It’s consistency only strengthens and further proves the fact that the leaders and mentoring works.
      If you are looking to build up your confidence, leadership skills, speaking skills, or expand your network. You will want to join a diverse, dynamic, and distinguished club. Look not further as TTDI Toastmasters is the place to be!

  3. Johan Yusof, TM
    • Interest: Public Speaking, Performing Arts, Training, Leadership
    • Profession: Freelance Performer, Fitness Trainer-In-Training
    • Toastmasters experience:
      Make no mistake about it, TTDI Toastmasters Club has changed my life for the better.

      I’m currently two years into being a Toastmaster and the journey thus far has been nothing short of rewarding. I’m no strangers when it comes to presenting myself in front of a large audience as I have been performing on stage in the performing arts for a good 14 years. Despite all the singing, dancing and acting I’ve done, I wanted to take all the skills I have developed on stage to a new level and have rediscovered my love for public speaking. Having heard a little about Toastmasters, I was rather curious to check it out and was recommended to TTDI Toastmasters Club. Since that first meeting (where I ended up winning Best Table Topic Speaker in my very first attempt), I never looked back.

      Toastmasters is more than just getting out there and speaking in front of the masses. Sure, I’m bettering myself to become a world-class speaker someday, but I’m also learning about leadership, a skill which I strongly believe is really crucial to go far in life. The members of TTDI Toastmasters Club are warm, friendly, inviting and very helpful in offering tips and advice to become better speakers and leaders in the future. In addition, I’m not gonna lie, I didn’t come into TTDI Toastmasters Club expecting to win trophies, yet I have been amassing some trophies in several contests I have taken part in, including the 2014 Table Topics Contest among club members which I emerged as Champion in my first shot at entering a Toastmasters contest!

      Make no mistake about it, TTDI Toastmasters Club has changed my life for the better and I’m sure it will do the same for you. If you really want to take your communication and leadership skills to the next level, knock on our doors and we will be there to guide you to fulfilling your goals!

  4. Teoh Bee Khim, CC, CL
    • Interest: Personal Growth, Leadership
    • Profession: Financial Planner
    • Toastmasters experience:
      3 years with TTDI toastmasters club has formed me into a confident person.

      TTDI toastmasters club provide a great platform for me to practice my speaking skill. Without practicing, what we had learnt is just knowledge. It is a wonderful experience because along the way I am being praised by people who knows me. They can see big improvement in me. As I grow, I would like to see more members grow as well through toastmasters. I have no regret joining TTDI Toastmasters club as it is a very positive, fun and energetic club.

  5. Jon Tan, ACG, CL
    • Interest: Mentoring & Coaching
    • Profession: Personal Branding and Corporate Branding
    • Toastmasters experience:
      International Award Winner for Brand Communication and Public Speaking.

      Certified Professional Speaker/Trainer. Certified Global Personal Branding Strategist. Spoken and trained around South-east Asia and other parts of the world, on Branding (Brand Strategy, Brand Communication, Brand Ambassadors and Brand Culture Implementation) and Persuasive Communication. Plus, successful Professional Personal Mentoring & Personal Coaching of clientele including Entertainers (Pop Stars, Singers, Actors), Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Social Activists and others.

  6. Yap Poh Soon, CC, CL
    • Interest: Leadership, Public Speaking
    • Profession: Software Architect for Furtune 500 company
    • Toastmasters experience:
      Makes me bigger, in both career and family.

      Public speaking and Leadership track are what makes Toastmasters International unique, but that is not all. Public speaking and leadership comes with one common and crucial skill -> Effective Communication. Communication is the most basic skill a capable human being has. Hence, the more effective a person can communicate, the more he/she will stand out and regarded.

      Also, of all club that i have ever join, Toastmasters International club is the only club that energize, inspire and keep everyone motivated. Particularly TTDI Toastmasters club; Expect no less from a full 10/10 President Distinguish Club!

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