Speakers Bureau FAQ

Q. What ‘s a Speakers Bureau?
A. A Speakers Bureau is an office or organization that provides speakers to societies, clubs and interest groups that require the services of a speaker at their gatherings, events, meetings or functions.

Q. How does a Speakers Bureau operate in Toastmasters?
A. It operates in 2 ways:
i) Within the Toastmasters fraternity, Clubs, Areas and Divisions may want to engage speakers for Toastmasters functions, by contacting the Bureau for suitable speakers for the occasion.
ii) Organizations or interest groups who need speakers at their events may seek the help of the bureau as a resource.

Q. Does the Bureau engage speakers from outside of the Toastmasters Organization?
A. No, all speakers engaged by the bureau must be a Toastmaster in good standing. Additionally the bureau requires that the speakers be Competent Communicators at a minimum.

Q. Can a speaker from the bureau speak to a Non-Toastmaster audience?
A. Yes, most certainly. When speaking to Non –Toastmasters, the bureau speaker is required to introduce the Toastmasters Organization to the audience. Apart from having the speaker at the event, the host group also has the opportunity to learn about Toastmasters.

Q. What are the benefits of being a member of the Speakers Bureau?
A. If a Toastmaster only gives speeches in front of his or her own club, he or she may not be getting the best training possible. Giving speeches to other groups benefits the speaker and adds mileage to his or her Toastmasters experience.

Q. How will organizations outside of Toastmasters know of the Speakers Bureau Resource?
A. Our members may promote the Bureau to their local, private or public interest groups. By doing so the mebers create the opportunity to bring Toastmasters to their local communities which in turn benefit them in their club extension activities.

Q. Does a competent communicator automatically qualify to be a member of the Speakers Bureau?
A. No, bureau membership is not automatic. Toastmasters of good standing may apply for membership. They are then vetted by the Exco Committee and invited to become a member by the Exco Committee

Q. Do speakers have a choice of their own topic/subject of speech?
A. Each bureau member will be asked to provide topics and subjects of their interest and expertise. These topics / subjects will be listed on the speaker directory.

Q. Does the speaker or the bureau accept cash awards for the speaking assignment ?
A.Sometimes requesting organizations will offer an honorarium or donation. Any honorariums or donations given to speakers in the bureau are to be placed in the club’s treasury. These funds are to be used for educational purposes, such as purchasing educational materials for the club. No member can profit monetarily

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