Competent Communication Manuals


The heart of the Toastmasters curriculum is the communication track, defined by the Competent Communication manual. The Competent Communication manual consists of ten speech projects, each building upon the other in skills and difficulty.

For each project, the member prepares and delivers a speech in front of the club. Speakers are expected to keep their presentations within prescribed time limits. For most Competent Communication speeches, the limit is five to seven minutes. The distinctive feature of Toastmasters is this continual evaluation. Each activity at a club is evaluated: speeches are evaluated both orally at the meeting and in the member’s manual. This near-immediate feedback provides the member with information on how he or she can improve his or her presentation skills for the next speech, and is intended to provide a positive experience for the speaker.

The oral evaluations are intended to also help the evaluator improve his or her ability to give constructive feedback to other Toastmasters. Learning to give feedback develops many skills, some of which include: effective listening; how to motivate, encourage and support other members; and how to develop and present a short evaluation with minimal preparation. Language is an important element of effective evaluation and so too is the structure.

After completing the ten Competent Communication projects, a member is entitled to the Competent Communicator award, and may add the CC to their name for Toastmasters purposes. 


Competent Communicator Manual:  Competent Communicator Series

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