TTDI Mentoring System Implementation

TTDI Toastmasters Club

Mentoring Program Implementation System


(1)        The “Mentoring” Module, from The Successful Club Series, is conducted, to motivate Members to actively participate in the Mentoring Program.

(2)        The “Mentor Interest Survey” Form, from the “Mentoring Kit”, is to be distributed to each Club Member.

(3)        The duly-completed “Mentor Interest Survey” Forms are to be collected by the Mentoring Council*.

  • The Mentoring Council* is to review the surveys.
  • Upon the review, pairing of Mentors with Mentees is to be effected.

(4)        The Mentoring Council* then proceeds to notify the Mentors and Mentees via the “Mentor Assignment Notice” Forms and “Mentee Assignment Notice” Forms, at a next convened gathering (meeting) of Mentors and Mentees. (Those not able to attend this next meeting, will be duly updated via Internet communication.)


At this next meeting (and/or via Internet communication),

the following are to be effected:

  • Review the Responsibilities of Mentors and Mentees.
  • Answer any questions that Members may have.


(5)        If possible, to provide time for Mentors and Mentees, to meet with, and talk with one another. As part of the Mentor-Mentee relationship, to encourage contact outside of the Club, as well.

(6)        The Mentoring Council* to prepare and display a Member Program Progress Chart. Each Member’s (Main) Mentor is to be indicated on this chart.

(7)        Follow-up Action Plan: The Mentoring Council* is to monitor each of the (Main) Mentor-Mentee pairing.

  • Are the Mentors fulfilling their responsibilities?
  • Are there any unavoidable “time” and “personality” conflicts?

Note: In view of the above, if necessary, to reassign pairings.

(8)        Mandatory Action by Club VPE.

When New Members join, the VPE must ensure that Mentors are assigned to them immediately. Reason: The New Member Kit now includes a “Mentor Request” Form, which instructs the New Member to ask the VPE for a Mentor.

(9)        Praise and Recognition.

Praise and Recognition is important to Mentees and Mentors alike.

  • Provide time during Club Meetings, for Mentors to acknowledge their Mentees’ progress and successes.
  • If desired, recognize Mentors who fulfil their responsibilities, with a Mentor Certificate.
  • To present the Mentor Certificates during Club Meetings.
  • To publish recipients’ names in the Club Newsletter.

(10)     On-going “Mentor Interest Survey”.

  • To continue to conduct “Mentor Interest Survey”, at least once every year.
  • To assign New Mentors, as and when needed.


Special Note:

The Mentoring Council* comprises appointees, who act on behalf and together with the VPE, in the strategizing, implementing and monitoring of the Mentoring Program.


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