All-Year-Round Mentoring Program

“If You Desire to Fly…

We’ll Give You The Wings.”TM

Fully-Dedicated Mentoring System in Implementation

TTDI Toastmasters Club offers every Member, New and Existing, the possibility of all-year-round Mentoring, to help them achieve their individual dreams of raising their Communication/Public Speaking and Leadership skills to the highest levels.

So, if you desire to grow your Communication and Leadership skills, in an accelerated manner via a fully-dedicated Mentoring System, you can confidently consider joining TTDI Toastmasters Club.

Committed to providing excellent education in communication and leadership skills, within a vibrantly fun learning environment, TTDI Toastmasters Club has the rare distinction of scoring a maximum Perfect 10 points, every year since its inception in 2000 (President’s Distinguished Club).

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring, which operates through pairing a Mentor to a Mentee, is the process of guiding an individual with less experience in specific areas (the Mentee), to cultivate the person’s potential and talents, to achieve the person’s own vision and goals. 

Why all-year-round Mentoring?

The Mentoring process has been proven to be the best and fastest way for a Mentee to grow and progress in any expertise. To ensure continuous learning happens at its optimum level possible, it is paramount to implement all-year-round Mentoring.

Main Mentor and Secondary Mentors:

At TTDI Toastmasters Club, all Members are assigned not only the expected Mentor, at the point in joining as a New Member, you will have further access to a Main “Primary” Mentor at every part of your Toastmasters journey.

Not only that. Based on your own declared interests and requirements, you will also have access to “Secondary” Mentors, to guide you in whatever skills development within the Toastmasters International Communication and Leadership Tracks, to achieve the level of competence and success that you desire.

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