Toastmaster of the Evening


1. ACT as a genial host & conduct the entire program smoothly

2. Introduce the other members of the program, to create an atmosphere of interest expectation and receptivity in LESS THAN ONE MINUTE


  1. ARRIVE early in order to finish any last-minute details
  2. FILL UP and/or CUT DOWN the time if the gap is too big and/or too tight
  3. Always LEAD the applause before & after the speaker starts/finishes
  4. Remain STANDING near the lectern after the introduction till the speaker has acknowledged you and assumed control of the meeting, then be seated.
  5. Whatever the GE, Session Masters forget, you do it.(e.g. write down names of participants for joke session, forget to call upon timer, Ah counter….)
  1. Thank every participant and guest for a smooth meeting
  2. Remind assignment takers to stay after the meeting to help cleaning up the room
  3. Collect script from manual speakers
  4. To welcome back the Club President to continue the Club Business session


A Reminder to the Toastmaster of the Meeting

You will be the TME soon. So please email or call the GE and prepared speakers about 2 weeks before the meeting, and the other assignment-takers about 10 days before the meeting (of course the early the better). If any of them cannot come for the meeting, please tell the VPE immediately.

In order to collect introduction information, you can ask them one or two questions. For example, “Which person do you admire most and why?” When you introduce a prepared speaker, please try to connect that person’s features/information with his/her speech title. And please do remember to tell the audience the objectives of that speech.

Please remind the GE to contact the evaluators as early as possible, better 10-14 days before the meeting, too. And ask the GE to tell the VPE if any evaluator cannot come. GE can remind IEs to evaluate based on the present speech objectives, not the future speech objectives.

Please tell the president how to introduce you.

You must already know that TME needs to introduce what Toastmasters is about, especially when we have new guests.

Try to type what you will say and rehearse it in advance. Thank you for your good preparation and your dedication. With your effort, you will be an outstanding TME and we will have a happy and successful meeting!

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