TTDI Toastmasters – 4th May 2016 meeting #375 –Its Courage That Counts!


TTDI Toastmasters – 4th May 2016 meeting #375 –Its Courage That Counts!

Time: Wednesday, 4th April 2016 · 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Location: Wisma WIM, TTDI

Weather Forecast:   77–91° Heavy Thunderstorm

Most of us already know that Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out. While Failure is far from fatal, it is a way to learn from your mistakes.

When things go right you feel invincible but when things go wrong you feel worthless. Such is human. you need to remember to not attach failure to yourself. It is hard to become better when you always put yourself down.

The most overlooked attribute of successful people is persistence. Anyone can be successful if they never face adversity, if things never went wrong. The true test of character occurs when things don’t go exactly as planned. During these moments you have two choices. You can pack your things up and go, or you can take it as lesson and find a solution.

Because Success is never final, Failure is never fatal, It’s courage that counts! Drop by to  TTDI Toastmasters meeting on this day and discover more!

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