TTDI Toastmasters – 16th March 2016 meeting #372 – It’s not the having it’s the getting


TTDI Toastmasters – 16th March 2016 meeting #372 – It’s not the having it’s the getting

Time: Wednesday, 16th March 2016 · 7:30pm – 10:30pm

Location: Wisma WIM, TTDI

Weather Forecast:   77—95° Thunderstorms

The harder we have to work for something, the more we value it. Working hard to get somewhere — when you finally get there, you look back on the journey and realize that the journey was the important thing, not being at the destination.

And then we are told that life is a journey. Almost definitely, you are only half way through . Because the truth is, no matter how much you achieve, accomplish, and acquire in life… there is always something more to be had. You’ll never “reach” your final destination—at least not in this life!

So, why does all this matter? Because far too many people put off what really matters in pursuit of the things they want to achieve. They tell themselves that they’ll worry about these things once they’ve reached their destination.

Things like family. Enjoying friends. Nurturing relationships. Forgiving enemies. Enjoying life. Experiencing peace. These things are put off… and most of the time, they are never re-discovered.
However, the key to obtaining real peace in our lives is to focus on enjoying the journey, taking the time to “smell the roses,” and focusing on what’s really important in life. This doesn’t mean that we have to give up on our dreams and our goals. It’s good to be ambitious; it’s great to want to accomplish enormous things in our life. The key, however, is simply finding the right balance, discovering a mindset that allows us to pursue big things without sacrificing the “little things” that make life worth living.

Come to our Toastmasters meetings to know more!

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