Tribute to One of the Best Motivational Speakers and Authors: Dale Carnegie


One of the grandfathers of the motivational speaking world is Dale Carnegie. Dale Carnegie was born in a low-income family from a modest farm in Maryville, Missouri. Early in his adolescent years, he displayed fantastic potential as he actively participated in debate club during high school. He managed to complete college through his diligence at State Teacher’s College in Warrensburg and subsequently got his first job as a sales person for Armour and Company in Nebraska which he successfully adopted as his sales territory.

Carnegie’s all-time dream was to become a Chautauqua lecturer, so he enthusiastically saved $500 and gave up his job to be able to fulfill this fantasy. But he ended up going to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. Finding out that success in acting was elusive, he returned to New York and resided at the 125th St. YMCA. That was when the notion of teaching public speaking skills first occurred to him. He accepted a job as an instructor at the YMCA and discovered that the students felt a lot more positive to deal with their public audiences immediately after asking them let most of their normal ideas and feelings come out.

Soon after, he began to develop public speaking programs on his own. In 1926, he launched his first collection of publications entitled Public Speaking: A Practical Course for Businessmen, which was renamed in 1932 as Public Speaking and Influencing Men in Business. Amongst other books he published have been How to Stop Worrying and Start Living and Lincoln the Unknown.

His best known book is called, How to Win Friends and Influence People, which made it’s permanent mark in the minds of his readers. In 1936, his book sold 10 million copies in various language translations, setting a record of becoming one of the best-selling books of all time.

Due to the fact his book grew to become a worldwide hit, his demands and job offers elevated as a writer and lecturer. He started a news column and established the Dale Carnegie Institute for Effective Speaking and Human Relations which branched out globally. His programs have been well recognized globally for becoming effective in self-improvement, public speaking, improved salesmanship, corporate training, and interpersonal skills.

Carnegie’s passion has often been educating other folks how to attain triumphs through the publications he creates and speeches he delivers. He wished us to establish our genuine individual, to project a special voice in public speaking, and win over the crowd, persuading them to take action. Methods for doing so are included in the method of public speaking he designed – the “Stand and Deliver” method.

All his projects paid off, as lots of people thanked him for providing them guidance that made them climb the ladder of success in business and also in real life. Carnegie died on November 1, 1955 because of Hodgkin’s disease, yet his influence still stays till this age. It’s been proven through simple fact that the popularity of his books has increased by 5 million duplicates in 31 diverse languages and the institute he established has had 450,000 graduates since his death.

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