German Presenters – Charisma, Charm And Some Reasons They Are So Sought After


Everybody knows a person who seems to have people falling at their feet no matter where they go. Individuals like this will project a strange kind of magnetic personality which will do its best to draw people in. As a result, charismatic individuals of this nature tend to have a huge amount of influence over crowds. Sometimes language might have something to do with it. Indeed there are some that believe a German speaker can be quite charismatic in this sense, so it is definitely something worth consideration.

It is basically going down to language, of course. For the most part, those who understand German speakers, especially if it is their native language, will find it quite easy to understand the nuances of such a language. In many ways, it is quite similar to the English tongue. When studying German, many will discover that there are blatant similarities between English and German.

English, of course, is considered to be a member of the Germanic family of languages which includes a wide range of other European languages. Icelandic, Danish and the Scandinavian tongues all come from the same family. There are certain words in both English and German which evolved from the same routes. This can most clearly be seen in “deep” and “tief”, both meaning the same thing.

Germany has also had several leaders which, in this regard, have been considerably charismatic. Adolf Hitler is probably one of the first names that spring to mind. Despite the atrocities he committed during the Second World War, he had an immense hold over the people. Voting statistics were considerably high as he promised to pull people out of the recession Germany found itself in.

In spite of Hitler’s darker nature, no one can deny that his words had an incredibly powerful effect on people. Some people might speculate that this had something to do with the language which he spoke. As a language, German can seem very rough to the outsider. For those who speak it, it has a rather soft tone and is very technical sounding.

There is a certain sound to this particular language which might sometimes instill fear. Sometimes, German speakers can come off as rude to many outsiders, although this is mainly because as a language it is rather direct and gets to the point. Then again, of course, Germany is a large place and there are many different types of people within this country.

Whilst this may not necessarily be “charisma”, there is a certain level of command which will make crowds take them a lot more seriously. Some people believe they are “too serious”, however, they do give the impression that the job will be done. As a result, in Europe at the moment, most people believe that it ought to be Germany controlling the main banks.

When it comes to the aspects of charisma with regards to language, there are a number of different studies available which can be sought out on the Internet. For the most part, German speakers do have a commanding tone.

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