All Artists Need an Electronic Press Kit / EPK


If you are a musician ,business organization, nonprofit, poet, author or artist, then chances are that you may need to be thinking about if you are going to use an EPK, otherwise known as an electronic press kit, or if you are going to utilize the good ol’ ‘brick and mortar’ utilization of mailing out press packages to individuals individuals that you are desiring to make a good first sensation on – in particular the media.

A press or advertising kit was a thing that artists, musicians, publicists solely thought about, simply because the price to build and distribute them was so expensive, but now with the growth of e-mail and the ability to create an electronic press kit, cost are often times cut by half of the time and money. So, what is a press/ media kit? It is your professional resume that encompasses your biography, press clippings, photos, work (CDs or MP3s), press releases, and any other additional information that will make you look good in the eyes of the media (if you’re looking for exposure), record label executives, associates, potential business partners or whomever you want to have a full overview of who you are, or what it is that you are selling or doing, by presenting to them a professional product.

Now  press kits can be very costly contingent upon the products that you will have to buy to make the presentation look nice . Then you have to consider mailing it which will cost around $5.00 per mailing. If you have that type of money to spend on creating and sending out a press kit, then I would suggest that you do so, as it is a good investment, if given to the right people who will use it to help catapult your life history or business, otherwise, I would just consider purchasing an EPK, that you can change and utilize as often as you would like to, as well, you do not have to worry about the cost of postage.

You have to learn how to outsmart those who are vying for the same thing that you may be vying for, by making what you have to offer standout from those others that are likely doing the same thing, which will in turn make you more vendable to everyone looking for that person using the marketability factor, as it may happen straight down to you or the various person, so it is finest to be prepared. Additionally, if you create an online press room, that can not damage either.  

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