Mentoring Program: First Quarter Report


Mentoring Program: First Quarter Report

Mentoring Program: First Quarter Report

Report By: Jon Tan, ATM-G, CL (Mentoring Advisor, TTDI TMC)



Achieving Your Vision For Communication and Leadership, Via Mentoring.



Systematic Mentoring Program Successfully Implemented at TTDI TMC, Within First Quarter of 1 July 2011-30 June 2012 Term.


How can a Toastmasters Club be a catalyst in the transformation of people’s lives, by helping fellow members achieve their Life/Career Vision as well as Vision for Communication and Leadership? How do you Attract quality members, who are desirous of personal development and growth, as well as optimize Retention of like-minded progressive-thinking individuals? The answer is Systematic Mentoring. Not simply Mentoring that is ad-hoc and haphazard. But Systematic Mentoring that is all-year round, that first of all necessitates the assigned Mentor to guide the Mentee to align her Mentoring Needs (within the realm of Toastmasters International Communication Track and Leadership Track) to her Life/Career Vision and Goals.


Three Channels/Levels of Mentoring

For the record, at TTDI TMC, all Members, new and existing, have free access to three channels of Mentoring: (1) Main Mentor (Buddy), (2) Additional Mentors, as well as (3) Mentoring Council, comprising 6 “Specialist” Mentors.

Experiential Knowledge and Scope of Mentoring

With the Mentoring Needs established, the Mentee is then assigned a Main Mentor (Buddy), Additional Mentors and Specialist Mentors, each with a designated Scope of Mentoring. This has to be based on the personal mastery (experiential knowledge of the respective Mentor).


Establishing a Mentoring Climate

For Systematic Mentoring to take fruition and flourish, the following “pillars” must be established: (1) Organizational Endorsement: (i) The Club Exco must plurally and singularly be committed, via Institutionalizing the Mentoring Program, and (ii) All 7 Exco Members must “Walk-The-Talk”, by diligently taking up the role of being a Mentor. (2) System and Processes: All Mentors and Mentees are to be guided by, and adhere to an established System of Mentoring and Processes (Skills of Mentoring and Formats/Forms to assist the consistent performance of Mentoring). (3) Structure/Infrastructure: Members are guided on (i) Possible facilities for Mentoring, as well as (ii) The availability of platforms for constant practice, within the club and in other clubs. (4) People: (i) Parameters vis-à-vis Attitude, Skills and Knowledge of Mentors and Mentees need to be defined, and thereby necessary Training & Development must be provided, and (ii) Praise & Recognition and Performance & Rewards System must be established, to incentivize active participation, as well as to motivate and inspire passionate performance, by both the Mentor and Mentee.


Series of 3 Full-Day Mentoring Workshops: Providing Skills Training & Development to facilitate Effective Mentoring

The following interlinking workshops for Toastmasters have been planned to be executed: First Mentoring Workshop, “How To Mentor” (15 Oct 2011). Second Mentoring Workshop, “How To Coach” (10 Dec 2011). Third Mentoring Workshop: “Rising To Your Next Level Of Excellence” (Final 4th Quarter).


Praise & Recognition and Performance & Rewards System

The Mentors Award Night (19 Oct 2011) which accords Recognition to all Mentors and Mentees, plus other similar events and incentives are in place to motivate sustainability.


Monitoring to Identify and Close Gaps in Mentoring Process, plus Nurture Mentor-Mentee Pairing Relationship and Performance

The Mentoring Council, spearheaded by the Mentoring Chair, constantly touch-base with individual Mentee and Mentor, to ensure continuity and optimum Mentoring effectiveness.


Proactiveness by Mentees and Willingness of Mentors

All Mentees are encouraged to be desirous for personal development and growth, so as to achieve their Vision/Goals, and are therefore urged to be seeking out their respective Mentors, as well as to adhere to their respective Action Plan & Schedule. Mentors are also reminded of their caring and motivating role to keep the Mentee on the ball, and to the decided Action Plan & Schedule.



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