Network and Leverage your way to success — Meeting Highlights


TTDI Toastmaster’s “Network and Leverage your way to success” meeting started at 7.47pm. A massive turn up with mixture of guest, club presidents, division excos and members spread throughout the room.

He club’s SAA Lee Han-Rick called the meeting to order and handed control to our president Lee Xi Wen who right away called for a round of introduction. Next, Lee Xi Wen updated us on the clubs mentoring system progress and new achievements, he continued with a very powerful, motivation yet inspirational opening speech to get the audience feel involved before passing the control to our TME Wong Chee Fui, CC

In this meeting we had a speech marathon with 7 very enthusiastic speakers with various range of experience and expertise. What was even better 3 of them were 1st time speakers in toastmasters! Our past president and high profile engineer Yau Chau Fong started the speech marathon with a speech from the SCS manual. In his speech he highlighted that our speaking journey lies not just within the four walls of th meeting but far beyond the club. The audience were encouraged to push their limits by joining speech contests, and taking up leadership roles. Next on were three new toastmasters, Angeline, Joseph, and Sky who started their speaking journey with their 1st ice breaker speeches. Their speeches were filled with entertainment, humor and they all hit their objectives on the dot as the audience of the night knows each of them better today. The TME then called for a 10 minute networking break for the guest, members and other toastmasters.

Right after the break, the 5th speaker of the night was Mei San who attempted her second assignment speech from the competent communicator manual. She talked about her experience in China with lots of humor and a wonderful take home message for her audience. Then Kenneth came on and presented his 4th assignment speech from the competent communicator manual. A very inspiring, interesting and captivating speech indeed, he held his audience to his attention throughout the speech and concluded with a great take home message.

We had 3 new toastmasters who started their toast mastering journey speaking today as well and one toastmaster reaching his 1st mile stone in the toastmaster’s journey completing the10th speech in the competent communicator manual. James Bong provided his audience with an inspiring story on himself. With a great take home message he wrapped up his speech wonderfully. The final speaker of the night was and Advance speaker, Diong Jia Ming who attempted her 5th speech from the Advance Story telling manual. In her speech she brought history back to life by narrating Mahatma Gandhi’s life story. Her audience were captured by her fantastic story telling abilities as she painted vivid pictures in our heads. Indeed we felt as though we were there.

The 1st evaluator of the night was Tang Sum Chee he appraise and evaluate the 1st speaker Angeline, giving her much support and confidence to continue with her next speech. The 2nd evaluator of the night was Vincent Soon who evaluated Sky, he calmly and gently pointed out areas of improvement yet sandwiched greatly with praise and good regards. The 3rd evaluator of the night was Yamin who evaluated Jason, as a 1st time evaluator Yamin sandwiched his evolution very well, it was a great attempt. Next Aaron Lee was called upon to evaluate Mei San’s speech. He started with praise, gave very good points of improvement and wrapped the evaluation up very professionally, indeed a good high performance evaluation byAaron Lee.

Next our veteran evaluator Cheong Kuok Sum stepped up to evaluate Kenneth on his speech. As a veteran, he displayed marvelous evaluating techniques and we were sure the Kenneth had lots to take home from his evaluation. The final evaluator of the night was also the General evaluator of the night Marcus Chee, who evaluated the advance speech presented by Diong Jia Ming. He injected humor in his evaluation as well as gently pointing out areas of improvement and finally sandwiching it wonderfully with praise and good regards.

After the speaker evaluations were completed, it was now the role player’s turn to give their reports. First up was the AH counter’s role was played by Angel Lim with very well and excellent observation she properly told count of speech crutches in the meeting. The Grammarian was played by one of TTDI’s SAA Han Rick with proper observation throughout the meeting the report was impressive. The final role player the time keeper was played by Charlie, providing us with a comprehensive report covering from head to toe of the meeting.

The role players finished giving their feedback; it was now the general evaluator’s turn for his feedbacks. As we were running short on time, the general evaluator kept his remarks short and to the point passing the control back to the TME for the award presentation session. Our president was invited to present the prizes to the best speaker of the night Kenneth and best evaluator of the night Aaron Lee. As soon as the awards have been presented, Lee Xi Wen, closed the meeting with his closing speech and asked for the feedback from the 1st timmer guest.

All in all the meeting went very well and we all look forward to seeing all of you in our next meeting on the 5th of October Where our theme of meeting is “Stand Out and be different”. We’ll see you there!


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