‘The Lion Roars! – I Will Persist until I Succeed’ Meeting 7/9/2011


TTDI Toastmaster’s “The Lion Roars Tonight! – I Will Persist until I Succeed” started exactly on the dot. The SAA called in the meeting sharp. A great turn up with mixture of guests and members spread throughout the room.


The club’s president Lee Xi Wen, ACG, CL called for a round of introduction to break the ice. Then he continued by updating the club on the mentoring system progress and new achievements, he continued with a very powerful, motivation yet inspirational opening speech to get the audience feel involved before passing the control to our TME Peter Sim, as a very experienced speaker he quickly continued the rapport and injected some humour before passing the stage to DTM Dominic Joseph. Dominic Joseph started off with a thunderous opening by giving out a very inspirational and motivational speech with ‘I will persist until I succeed’ with the title together with his strong linkage of wording enhancing the opening message even further and closing it extremely well. He taught us the three most important values and principles for anyone to succeed including himself after sharing some of his role models; he shared that a person must have Gratitude, Endurance and Enthusiasm to gain that medal!


After the awesome speech, the meeting continued with the usual table topics with our very creative table topics masters – Brian Lee again with his artistic drawing and double picture topic it was truly an eye-opening and mind breaking congratulations to the brave contestants were Yamin, Joseph, Joel, Paul, and Angeline. Then the table topics evaluation from Han-Sen through first-rate observation and effective evaluations were given. Then it was refreshments.


After the great refreshment, we continued our meeting with 2 ice breakers and 1 advance speech. The first speaker was Aaron Ng with his great ice breaker showing us his great confidence and overwhelming personal life stories. The next ice Breaker was Seow Phik with very great speaking talents and abilities imbued in her only waiting for the chance to let them shine, together with a positive enthusiasm and well prepared speech, certainly a great speech. Finally it was the advance speakers turn Yap Fatt Lam with his first ACM the keynote address completely stunned the crowd with his ability of delivering such a great speech with a long duration of attention grabbing and emotional appeal.


After the assignment speeches session, our TME of the night Peter Sim handed the control to the General Evaluator Dominic Joseph as well! He had a team of very supportive evaluators and role players who supported him through the evaluation session.


The 1st evaluator of the night was Tang Sum Chee he appraise and evaluate the 1st speaker Aaron Ng giving him much support and confidence to continue his next speech. The 2nd evaluator of the night was Angel Lim who evaluated Seow Phik, calmly and kindly pointed out areas of improvement yet sandwiched greatly with praise and good regards. The 3rd evaluator of the night was Cheong Kuok Sum who evaluated Yap Fatt Lam, long speech where he have to crystallize his evaluation to keep on track with time, nevertheless providing great and new advices for him to take home.


The general evaluator further touched up and added onto each evaluation. After the speaker evaluations were completed, it was now the role player’s turn to give their reports. Toastmasters from other clubs also contributed to the success of our meeting. The AH counter’s role was played by James Bong with very well and excellent observation he properly told the ‘statistics’ of the meeting. The Grammarian was played by one of TTDI’s new members Jason with proper observation throughout the meeting the report was impressive. The final role player the time keeper was played by Kenneth, providing us with a comprehensive report covering from head to toe of the meeting. As the role players finished giving their feedback, the general evaluator then proceeded to close the meeting by giving his kind closing remarks and comments.


The GE then hands over the session to the TME for the award presentation session. Our president was invited to present the prizes to the best speaker of the night Seow Phik and best evaluator of the night Kuok Sum. As soon as the awards have been presented, Lee Xi Wen, closed the meeting with his closing speech. He then asked for the feedback from guest.


All in all the meeting went splendidly well and we all are looking forward to our next meeting on the 21st of September. Where a Special networking meeting have been planned and organised. Till then, see you.


Revised Meeting Agenda:

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