Sensational TTDI Meeting + The Art of Persuasion – Meeting #3


Sensational TTDI Meeting + The Art of Persuasion – Meeting #3

‘The Art of Persuasion’ was the theme for TTDI’s meeting on the 17th August 2011. On this night, we had a turnout of 32 people.

A great Attendance of more than 33 people showed up and consist of clubs from 6 different areas which includes Mid-Valley Toastmasters Club, D’Utama Advance Toastmasters Club, Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club, Telekom Toastmasters Club, Satu Hati Gerakan Toastmasters Club and Maisa Toastmasters Club.

 At 7:45 p.m. sharp, the meeting was called to order by the SAA, Lee Han Rick. President Lee Xi Wen then gave his welcoming speech, addressing the audiences about the importance of persuasion in our everyday lives. He also highlighted to the audience that by the end of the meeting, everyone present would be able to master the art of persuasion. This was followed by a round of introduction where everyone used the word of the day, ‘Sensational’. The Toastmasters of the Evening was none other than SeeTho Whye Kit who raised the atmosphere to a high level with his lovely charisma.


Peter Sim - Best Evaluator Award

After a brief introduction on Toastmasters International, the TME then introduced the Table Topics Master, Angel Lim to reveal her topic selections to the audience. Angel chose the theme ‘the many ways of persuasion’ for her topics. Five brave volunteers rose to the challenge and spoke on their feet for about two minutes. These five volunteers were Moses Wong, Siew Peng, Lih Choon, Leong and Yap Fatt Lam. Lenny Pang who played the role as Table Topics Evaluator gave an encouraging evaluation to all five speakers.


Diong Jia Ming - Best Speaker Award


After that, there was a short briefing about TTDI’s mentorship program by Jon Tan. The briefing was to introduce to members and guests about a mentoring workshop done by Jon Tan himself on the 15th October 2011. Also, Lee Han Sen gave an insight of his mentoring experience to the audience.


Following that, there was a ten minute break where members and guests were able to mingle with one another and refresh themselves before the start of the second half of the meeting.


Moses Wong from Mid Valley Toastmasters Club - Best Table Topic Speaker Award

After the break, it was time for the assignment speakers to deliver their prepared speeches. The first speaker was Laura Lau, who delivered her 4th speech from the competent communication manual with the title ‘My BFF’. This was followed by James Bong with his 9th speech from the competent communication manual. Diong Jia Ming then did her 4th speech from the advanced communication manual with the title ‘Miracle’. Lastly, Jon Tan took the stage with his 1st speech from the high performance leadership course and persuaded the audience with his speech.


The general evaluator of the meeting, Calvin was then handed over the control by the TME. He introduced the evaluators Yap Fatt Lam, Ang Chee Yong and Peter Sim to give an evaluation to speakers Laura Lau, James Bong and Diong Jia Ming respectively. Then, it was the role players’ turn to give their report. The role players were Jason who played the AH Counter role, Lee Han Sen as Grammarian, Tang Sum Chee as Timekeeper and Laura Lau as Blog Reporter. The general evaluator then wrapped up the evaluation session with his remarks on the overall meeting.


The TME then made his closing remarks, urging the guests to join the sensational TTDI Toastmasters club. Next, awards were presented to the winners by the president. Moses Wong won the best table topic speaker award, while Diong Jia Ming took the best speaker award. As for best evaluator, the award fell to Peter Sim.


Lastly, there was a feedback session from the guests on the overall meeting. Meeting was adjourned at 10:35 p.m. sharp. Truly, TTDI’s meeting ‘The Art of Persuasion’ was a sensational one indeed.


Revised Meeting Agenda:


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