Tip of the Week #5 – 10 Words for You to SELL Your Speech to Them


Tip of the Week #5 – 10 Words for You to SELL Your Speech to Them

We wish selling weren’t necessary. We wish all we had to do is have a good speech and take a bow while the world agrees and admires us for our brilliance. The world isn’t like that. The world needs you to give to sell them the speech. These 10 words below are the MOST persuasive words in our dictionary. It helps us sell our speech to them and convince them this message is important to them. There are 171,476 words in the Oxford Dictionary but these 10 words will be the words you must consider adding into your next speech!

1. Name: Our name is the one word that we hear the most time in our life. Remember a time when you are so engrossed in something, totally focussed and you just ignore whatever happen around you, and someone just call your name… you jumps back into reality, totally changing your previous state of being. When you call someone’s name give then an indicator that, “this is for you”, and immediate attention grabber. In addition you will also build better rapport with your listener. It might be a little tough when you talk to a larger audience but it works perfectly well in small groups or one to one situations. When you are going to give the most important message just add their name in front…

Examples; Jim, buying this product will be the best decision you made for a very long time… Patricia, if you really want to improve your public speaking, you should…

2.Most: This is a concept word, a concept of “most” words. Everyone likes the word HIGHEST, RICHEST, BEST or any word that relates an idea of being the MOST. It is like giving your audience the idea of the “best possible” way.

Examples; you will get the 3 FASTEST strategies to wealth creation…. you will learn the 10 MOST persuasive words in communication…

3. Imagine:This is a zero resistance word. Don’t believe? Imagine this, a blue elephant wearing pink underwear… What are you thinking? A blue elephant wearing pink underwear! You can’t say no to your brain. You are not calling them to do something but merely imagining. Make your audience imagine that they are having your products, attending your convention, wearing your designs…

Examples; Imagine you driving this red Ferrari… Imagine you getting new ideas from our speakers… Imagine you holding this Prada handbag….

4. Because:It is a cause effect word. We are condition in our minds when we hear the word BECAUSE it will be followed by a reason or an answer to a statement. Remember when your mom says “Because I said so” and you just do it. Well, I have the same mom as you. This word brings our memories root to our childhood where we just obey. You can immediately improve your persuasion by adding the word BECAUSE.

Examples; I wish you could come to our convention BECAUSE…… You should try our product BECAUSE…..

5. Now:Remember a time your mom says “Close the television NOW” and then what did you do? This word gives your audience a sense of urgency. You don’t have to say with a vigorous military tone. By just adding the word NOW into your speech you will get your audience to take action immediately.

Examples; Join our program NOW…, Buy this product NOW…

6. New:If it’s new it must be better. At least this is what most people think. We always like the new idea, the latest gadget, the fresh concept, the up-to-date story and the first-hand news. Give your audience the idea of they are getting some NEW stuff

7. Miracle:This word evokes the feeling of magic, the surprising factor, the never-happened-before next big thing. This is a perfect tool to continuously hold your audience attention. Example; this miracle formula helps you quit smoking in 20 minutes.

8. How: Chances are, the big-shot you’re speaking to works for an even-bigger-shot who likes to say “give me the solution, not the problem”. And the word HOW is precisely the favourite word they would love to hear.

Examples; 3 simple steps on HOW to bring more revenue to your company, HOW to get back your girlfriend in 7 days…

9. You: If someone’s going to listen to your speech, they’re not going to listen to it because they care about you. They’re going to listen to it because they care about me. Me, me, me, me, me, my favourite person me. Take a look at your speech, count the number of “you/your” versus the number of “I”. Your speech is about them, it’s not about you. Instead of saying, “I am going to give you…” say “You are going to get…”

10. Please, Thank You: Simple yet most often forgotten. The courtesy words that we often forgotten, but the emotion behind these words must be filled with sincerity and gratitude.

If you would just add these words into your speech, you will definitely able to get your audience to buy into your message and more convince of your ideas.

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