Mentoring Update


Mentoring Update

Mentoring Program Update: Second Stage

16 July 2011: The Mentoring Council proceeded to notify the Mentors and Mentees, via the “Mentor Assignment Notice” Forms and “Mentee Assignment Notice” Forms. (Those not able to attend this meeting, were duly notified via Internet communication.) The “Member Interest Survey” Forms of Mentees, were also provided to the respective Mentors, to serve as a guide to help firm up the Mentee’s Vision and Goals, in relation to the Communication and Leadership Tracks.

  • Responsibilities of Mentors and Mentees (as spelt out in the Mentor Interest Survey Forms and Mentee Interest Survey Forms), were to be reviewed with the Mentoring Council, either in person, or via Internet communication.
  • All Members (Mentors and Mentees) were to raise whatever pertinent questions to the Mentoring Council, to seek clarity.
  • Mentors and their respective Mentees, were to familiarize with each other. As part of the Mentor-Mentee relationship, Mentor-Mentee pairings were encouraged to also make contact outside of the Club, as well.

Mentoring Program Update: First Stage

6 July 2011: The TTDI Toastmasters Club Mentoring Program for the July 2011-June 2012 Term was launched. The first stage of the Mentoring Program Implementation System comprised the following activities:

  • The “Mentoring” Module, from The Successful Club Series, was conducted by Past President Yau Chau Fong, ACB, CL, to motivate Members to actively participate in the Mentoring Program.
  • Then, Club Mentoring Advisor, ATM-G Jon Tan, delivered an inspirational Talk on why Mentoring is the best and fastest way for one to acquire Communication and Leadership expertise and skills. In summary, he expounded the three-prong role of a Mentor: Being a Role Model (someone with more experience and experiential knowledge than the Mentee) and Confidante (evoking trust and confidence from the Mentee), the Mentor can Coach the Mentee to success, based on the Mentee’s own Vision and Goals.
  • Member Interest Survey Forms and Mentor Interest Survey Forms (from Toastmasters International “Mentoring Kit”) were distributed to each Club Member. The duly-completed forms were submitted to the TTDI Toastmasters Club “Mentoring Council”, which is charged with the Mentoring Program, acting on behalf of the VPE, and together with the VPE. The Mentoring Council was to review the survey forms, upon which, pairing of Mentors with Mentees, was to be effected.

Note (1): The Mentoring Council comprises Club Mentoring Chair, Cheong Kuok Sum, CC, ALB; Club President, Lee Xi Wen, ACG, CL; Club VPE SeeTho Whye Kit, CC; and Club Mentoring Advisor, Jon Tan, ATM-G.

Note (2): Those Members who were not able to attend the first above Meeting, were dutifully e-mailed the necessary forms as above, to be submitted back to the Mentoring Chair.

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