High Power Meeting + Performance of the champions – Meeting #2


High Power Meeting + Performance of the champions – Meeting #2

President – Lee Xi Wen – started the meeting with mourning for our PP’s father who have passed on last night and a round of introduction from everyone who were present using the word of the day which is none other than “Inspiration”.

On this night, we have amazing turnout of 13 non-toastmasters guests! With 43 people attending the meeting! WOW! A Record turnout!


The presidential speech with his inspirational piece “Time to Do IT!” inspired us to hit our targets, we have to go right to it and hit it! Sent everyone over the top and started the meeting at a high.

It was our honor to have Jon Tan, A district 51 table topics champion when it was still consisted of 7 countries as our TME, promised the outcome of having a great evening when the meeting commerce! Keeping the energy up throughout the meeting!


Table topics master, Laura Lau, TM, her first attempt as a TTM, came up with interesting table topics session from quotes from famous people with volunteers from members and guests. People says that the biggest fear is the fear of speaking. Congratulations to everyone who took up the courage to give it a try to defeat the FEAR! KUDOS!

Table Topics Speaker #1 – WanChoon Leong

Table Topics Speaker #2 – SKY

Table Topics Speaker#3 – Mei San

Table Topics Speaker#4– Han Sen

Table Topics Speaker#5 – Yi Liang

 Angel Lim – TTE – Provided sincere, encouraging and helpful evaluations to the table topic speakers.

Break – Sumptuous Pasta

1st Speaker – Yamin, TM

Inspired us that there are a lot of people around us who are in need of help. We should lend our helping hands.

2nd Speaker – Brian, TM

How to tear Fears apart.

3rd Speaker – Zoe, TM (HELP UC)

On the divorce rate.

4th Speaker – See Tho

Showed us how to toast the lucky couple!

5th Speaker – Diong Jia Ming – moral of the story

The true value of silver and gold. Tells us who is the real fools are in her story.


Evaluators – Provided encouraging and valuable feedback to the speakers.

Best table Topic Speaker –Lee Han Sen, CC

Best Assignment Speaker – Brian Lee, TM

Best Evaluator – Dominic Joseph, DTM

General Evaluator – Yau concluded the session with – One world, One Toastmasters! Join TM and improve!

TME kept the meeting a blast! High energy throughout as promised.

So how do you hit your target? Start by getting closer to it now!

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