Awesome TTDI Meeting + Mentoring Workshop – Meeting #1


Awesome TTDI Meeting + Mentoring Workshop – Meeting #1

TTDI Toastmaster’s first meeting of term 2011/2012 started term right on time! That’s definitely a positive change. The SAA called the meeting to order at 7.30pm sharp. An extraordinary turn up was experienced with a combined amount of 36 toastmasters and guests.

Meeting View

Our club’s new president Lee Xi Wen, ACG, CL began to give his 1st opening speech of the term. He then handed control over to our very humorous TME of the night  Abdul Rahman, CC, CL. It was the 1st meeting of a brand new term, TTDI toastmasters though of doing something different, instead of having our regular table topic sessions at the start, we started with our assignment speakers.


We had a total of 5 very enthusiastic speakers all ready and fired up to give they prepared speeches. Our 1st speaker of the night was Kenneth Yee, TM who attempted speech no.3 from the competent communicator manual, Next up was Joshua Tan, TM who attempted the 3rd assignment speech from the competent communicator manual, his speech title was “Think like a Champion

Kenneth Yee

The third speaker,  of the night Serena Kong was a guest toastmaster from Money Mastery toastmasters club. She attempted her 5th speech form the competent communicator manual. Leading on, our bashing James Bong was the following speaker presenting his 8th assignment speech from the competent communicator manual.

Finally the last speaker, one of the past presidents of TTDI Toastmasters Yau Chau Fong delivered a speech on mentoring.

After the assignment speeches session, our TME of the night Abdul Rahman, CC, CL called for the refreshment break.

As we returned from our break, our TME introduced our past president, and club mentor Jon Tan to provide his 30 minute session on mentoring.

Brand Jon Tan

After the mentoring session by Jon Tan, the TME handed control to the General Evaluator of the club which so happen to be Jon Tan as well! Jon was had a team of very supportive evaluators and role players who supported him through the evaluation session.


The 1st evaluator of the night was Lee Han-Sen he evaluated the 1st speaker Kenneth Yee

The 2nd evaluator of the night was Wong Chee Fui who evaluated Joshua Tan

The 3rd evaluator of the night was Cheong Kuok Sum who evaluated Serena Kong.

The final evaluator of the night was Tang Sung Chee who evaluated James Bong.

The general evaluator further touched up and added onto each evaluation. After the speaker evaluations were completed, it was now the role player’s turn to give their reports. Toastmasters from other clubs also contributed to the success of our meeting. The AH counter’s role was played buy Gui Meng from help toastmasters. The Grammarian was played by one of TTDI’s new members Laura Lau. The special rhetorical master role in TTDI was played by Brian Lee. The final role player the time keeper was played by Angel Lim.

As the role players finished giving their feedback, the general evaluator Jon Tan then proceeded to close the meeting by giving his closing remarks and comments.

The GE then hands over the session to the TME for the award presentation session. Our president was invited to present the prizes to the best speaker of the night Kenneth Yee and best evaluator of the night Wong Chee Fui. As soon as the awards have been presented, Lee Xi Wen, closed the meeting with his closing speech. He then asked for the feedback from guest.

All in all the meeting went splendidly well and we all are looking forward to our next meeting on the 20th of July 2011. Till then shall we meet again!

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