11th Annual Dinner + Installation Night


11th Annual Dinner + Installation Night

Joint Installation Night for 3 , Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club, MIA Toastmasters Club and TTDI Toastmasters Club at Padi House, KL on 16.7.2011

The function started with arrival guest as early as at 5pm.  There were more than 40 toastmasters at the function.

It was pleasantly arranged for the members to drink and eat as when they want where all of us filled our tummy first before the start of the event.

There was a special entertainment by a young artiste who plays the sounds of the various musical instruments with nothing except her mouth!!  It was an eye opener for many of us have not seen such a kind of performance before!

Next the Immediate Past President gave an encouraging motivational opening speech to us.

The atmosphere was filled with warmth and greetings from each and every one of us there that made it special.

The installation of the Excos of the three clubs by TM Leong A Sam CC ACB ,AG Div W 4 started on time.

It was a serious time now making sure everyone listened well and  pledged  loudly by saying  ‘ I will ’.  It started with SAA followed by Treasurers and Secretaries of the 3 clubs. The next was all the Vice Presidents of the 3 clubs and last but not least the 3 Presidents of the club.

All 3 Presidents made their maiden presidential speech.  TM Lee Xi Wen, TTDI Toastmaster Club President stressed that each member’s commitment to commit to their roles well and with that the club automatically / by accident will achieve president distinguished club.  Next Marcus Chee, MIA Toastmaster Club strongly believe one must act differently to get different results and to start with his club will have biweekly meetings one in the morning and  on weekend while the other in the evening and on week day to cater for different needs of the members in the club.  TM Peter Ong, Metropolitan Toastmasters Club President that each member only need to excel and exceed himself not others to becoming better each time.

Next where everyone looking forward to was Table Topics session and prizes where TM Brian Lee, TTDI Toastmasters Club was the Table Topics Master who wow us with his creative drawings.

It was followed by Quiz session by TM Ben, Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club.

Finally there was the presentation of awards to winners Toastmaster of the year for Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters Club and was won by none other our TM Leong A Sam CC ACB ,AG Div W 4.

The official function ended at 10.30pm and those who stayed got drunk like TM Lee Xi Wen.

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